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Pregnant Meghan Markle's bodyguard rushes her out of engagement after just six minutes at very h

Meghan Markle was today rushed out of a sweltering market in Fiji due to a security scare and 'crowd control' issues.

According to Daily Mail, The 37-year-old Duchess was seen whispering to her aides moments before she was whisked away by her bodyguards from the busy market place in Suva, the Fijian capital.

It was reported that Meghan's planned 20-minute tour to meet female stall holders involved with the UN Women's project 'Markets for Change' was cut short to just six minutes before she was hurriedly moved along.

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The quick change in schedule was due to a 'security risk' also Kensington Palace blaming massive crowds and Daily mail reported that, one royal aide said it was 'hot, humid and uncomfortably busy.'

Footage shows the moment Meghan's chief bodyguard and other security officers realised something was wrong and swiftly escorted her through the crowds.

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Harry and Meghan earlier visited the University of South Pacific campus, where the Prince unveiled The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy Project and laid a wreath at the Fiji War Memorial.

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See bleow, the Rwanda kids Meghan used for her photo-op when she was there with World Vision, Meghan looked very happy using the children for her own benefit, as she pose for the camera to build her portfolio

My view: Meghan is now scared of her adoring fans, because she can't relate to them, that's the real humanitarian for you, showing her true self as they can't afford to buy her designer outfits or relate to her fashion parade. The Duchess is scared of her own people, now you can see why she refused to invite her African American family to her wedding. It's all about Meghan, she doesn't want to see the market women period, as she's only interested in photo-op, just like she used the Rwanda kids in early 2016 for photo-op, to build up her portfolio and resume when she was there with World Vision, before she met Harry three months after she set up her blind-date. That's the calculated Meghan showing her true self in Fiji. There are lots of pregnant women in sweathering heat among the caravan immigrants, who are trying to get a better life at the border in Mexico, they are still standing, not like Meghan who is clearly missing the attention of Harry, so she can hold his hands and cling on to him for protection from the market women in Fiji. Everything about their trip so far has been about self-centered and attention seeking 37-year-old Meghan Markle. She looks nice in her dress.

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