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Father who killed six of his children in deadly fire complains about ‘hard prison life’

A father who killed six of his children by setting fire to their home has complained of his difficult life behind bars.

Mick Philpott is serving a life sentence after he and his wife Mairead started the petrol-fuelled blaze in a bid to get a bigger council house.

Jade, 10, John, nine, Jack, seven, Jesse, six, and Jayden, five, died at the scene, while 13-year-old Duwayne died in hospital two days later.

Philpott, Mairead and his friend Paul Mosley were all convicted of manslaughter in April 2013, with the latter two sentenced to 17 years behind bars.

Now the 62-year-old has penned a letter in HMP Wakefield, in which he states that ‘can’t believe I’m still here’.

According to the Daily Star, Philpott blames the 2012 atrocity on a neighbour and claims to be devastated by the loss of his children, writing that his ‘heart and soul have been completely ripped out’.

‘I’m completely innocent. My babies are my whole world, my life,’ the letter reads. Philpott, who had 17 children by five different women, also states he is struggling with his mental health and wishes he could die to be with his children again.

Philpott is now serving time at Wakefield Prison in West Yorkshire (Picture: PA)

‘God my babies, why not me, they never hurt anybody, they gave so much love, joy, happiness and laughter,’ he wrote.

The letter also reveals that he is asking his lawyers to see if he can appeal against his life sentence by reexamining forensic evidence.

Philpott and his wife Mairead set fire to their three-bedroom council house in Allerton, Derby, on May 11 2012.

Prosecutors at the time said Philpott had plotted the blaze in a bid to frame his former mistress, Lisa Willis, who left the home they shared three months earlier, taking her children with her.

Miss Willis and her five children, four of them fathered by Philpott, had lived with the couple and their six children for ten years.

During the trial, the jury heard that the defendants had planned to get all six children into one bedroom at the back of the house so that they could be easily rescued through a window. But the plan had ‘gone completely wrong’ as within two minutes the blaze was already far bigger than they had expected.

Philpott was supposed to use a ladder to rescue to the children but he found that the window shut and he was unable to smash a large enough hole due to the intense heat and thick black smoke generated by the fire.

In a letter to a friend which was revealed this summer, Mairead, 36, said if she had not had met her husband ‘her babies would still be with her and she wouldn’t be sat here.’

Culled from Metro

My view: Evil Philpott and his wife Mairead set fire to their three-bedroom council house and killed their innocent children, I hope they both rot in jail.

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