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Nigeria's Kaduna state: 55 dead after row at market 24-hour curfew imposed

Sectarian violence sparked by a spat at a market has left 55 people dead in Nigeria's northern Kaduna state, President Muhammadu Buhari has said.

Muslim and Christian youths reportedly clashed after a row between wheelbarrow porters in the town of Kasuwan Magani.

The state police commissioner said 22 people were arrested after the unrest.

Authorities also imposed a round-the-clock curfew in the town. Nigeria often sees outbreaks of sectarian violence.

Official presidential spokesperson Garba Shehu tweeted that Mr Buhari found the country's frequent use of violence in such disputes "worrisome".

Without harmony between different groups, "our everyday businesses would be impossible to achieve," the president said.

He called on community leaders to encourage tolerance and stop such discord before it could develop into violence.

Culled from BBC

My view: Kaduna is a dangerous state for Christians and those doing well in life, it's not safe, because any little thing can turn into a violent religious fight. The lazy hoodlums who are unemployed are the ones savagely killing people, burning cars and houses, they have no regard for human life, they have no life themselves, Life has no meaning to them, they are misfits and they enjoy killing people in a very vicious way, it's sad.

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