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VIDEO: Mom chases down son who took her BMW, whips him with belt

A teen got quite the lashing after he took his mom's car for a joyride--and it was all caught on camera.

An El Paso, Texas teenager is grounded after he took his mom's new BMW for a joyride.

Thanks to his big sister -- the whole scene was filmed and share on social media.

"Pull over now!" yells his mother Liza Martinez in a video posted to social media. It's a moment that will live forever, but was a scary one for this mom.

According to KABC, Aaron Martinez of El Paso came up with an elaborate scheme to steal his mother's BMW. He disconnected the WiFi in the house, effectively disabling the home security system so he could sneak off with the car and pick up his friend.

But little did the 14-year-old know his friend's mother had tipped off his own mother and the scheme he cooked up was about to fall apart.

"She told me she was on her way home and to grab her belt," recalled Aaron's sister Liza Campero.

Aaron's sister and mother hit the road and found the teen driving the BMW at a nearby intersection, then Campero took out her phone started recording.

"Give me the belt," the mother can be yelling while honking her horn.

The footage shows her open the door to the BMW and begin wailing on her son. It was posted on social media and now has more than 12,000 retweets and 30,000 likes.

Aaron's mother said she had no clue the spanking would be documented for thousands to see, but said regardless of the video, she says she wants what is best for her kids.

"I feel that I have a debt to society and my debt to society is to make sure my children are productive, law abiding citizens," Martinez said.

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

My view: He deserved it, she's a lovely mother and it's for his own safety. If more parents take care of similar situations her way, there would be far less juvenile delinquents in the world. Mom of the year Award goes to Liza Martinez

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