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Prince Harry and Meghan in Australia: Invictus Games Opening Ceremony

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle started the day by opening the new Anzac Memorial's extension in Hyde Park. The Duke of Sussex then officially opened the games at a stirring ceremony at the Sydney Opera House.

See pictures and video below.

Prince Harry delivered an inspirational speech on the steps of the Opera House to get the Invictus Games underway.

He said ‘the Invictus generation’ will again inspire everyone who watches.

“You are competing not just for your families, not just for your nations. You are competing with different flags on your chests but you are competing together for one Invictus generation. You are the unconquered generation. You are the optimistic generation.

“You are the new generation of service and you are the role models to us all. And you are gonna put on one hell of a show over the next week."

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

My view: The most annoying couple ever, Meghan Markle is an attention seeker, self absorbed, she loves being famous and royal, she's not the first woman to be pregnant and she won't be the last. Their tour is like a circus, with her fake forced smile. It's like Meg is pushing Harry to embrace the celebrity showbiz aspect of being a royal and You'd think Harry is the heir apparent with the amount of exposure him and his actress and fame hungry wife are getting. The Invictus Games are completely overshadowed by Meghan Markle and her fashion promo, next time Harry should go alone, so this woman won't make it a mockery, the silly fawning is just too much. Meghan please keep your hands to yourself and respect the people around you, we know you're in love because of the money, 40-year-old woman oh 37 pretending she's 21, even teenagers won't demean themselves to do it. they know how to restrain themselves during important occasions full of grownups. The fake clinging is just too much, it looked forced and it's all about money, Meghan is in love with money and fame while Harry is in love with the attention. Meghan should stop pretending that it's her first marriage, forgetting she was with her ex-husband Trevor Engelson for 9 years, enough of already with the fake PDAs, first lady Meghan.

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