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Prince Harry and Meghan tour day 4: pictures and video

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pictured spending Day Four of their Tour Down Under in Sydney.

9News reported that, The couple were met by crowds of fluoro fans at South Bondi Beach and were then treated to a dance performance at the Macarthur Girls' High School in Parramatta.

Prince Harry climbed the Harbour Bridge, and he and Meghan travelled to Admiralty House to meet with Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison.

See pictures and video below:


Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

My view: Attention seeker, Mother hen Meghan Markle fashion parade galore, she's loving it, she's now becoming the 'chav queen' is she there to show off her outfits? behaving like a teenager, will soon be 40. The so called humanitarian, so many people are starving around the world and she's in Australia changing from one very expensive designer ensemble to another. They are on holiday, actress Meghan, enough already with the PDA, we know you're in love, when there's plenty of money, there's always abundance of love, as love without money is no love. Meghan is so fake. They are slowly becoming reality celebs, they make the royal look cheap every day, as they have taking over from top reality stars, they are on vacation, visiting tourists attrations and places of scenic beauty, shaking hands, that's not a job. William and Kate are more dignified. Most women have to actually work whilst pregnant, not spend their day changing attires and smirking for cameras whilst being waited on hand and foot. We are still waiting for President Trump to congratulate Meg. Prince Harry is a lovely person, but his fame hungry wife Meghan is just for show, her mouth must be aching daily with the fake smile, Enough already.

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