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Canada becomes second country to legalize marijuana nationwide

The Hill reports that, The sale of legal recreational marijuana has begun in Canada, making it the second country with a nationwide legal pot market.

The Associated Press reported late Tuesday that retail marijuana sales had begun in Newfoundland, the country's easternmost province, shortly after midnight local time.

Canadian lawmakers voted in June to approve legal recreational marijuana. The vote ended a 95-year-ban on the substance.

The AP reported that more than 100 legal pot shops are expected to open on Wednesday. Provinces are handling their own regulations for sale, growth and taxation of recreational marijuana, though there will be a nationwide minimum age of at least 18 years old.

Under the new law, Canadians can also order marijuana through the mail.

Some provinces may opt to set the age limit at 19.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada for nearly 20 years.

Canadian officials are also expected to announce their plan to pardon citizens with marijuana possession convictions for 30 grams or less.

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My view: Medical marijuana is good for people with serious health conditions. People use it to treat a variety of medical issues, such as multiple sclerosis. I hope people won't abuse it.

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