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Horrific injuries of 23-year-old woman dragged out of bed and beaten unconscious by her 20-year-old

A woman who was dragged out of bed and beaten by her paedo boyfriend after she dumped him has revealed her horror injuries.

Coral Halson, 23, was left with permanent numbness in her face when beast Lewis Moseley, 20, knocked her unconscious after she ended their relationship.

Coral Halson, 23, from Manchester, who was left with a fractured cheekbone and permanent nerve damage

A chilling recording taken by her as Moseley carries out his sickening attack captures the moment he screams: "My life's over - and it's all your fault" — before he knocks her unconscious.

The 23-year-old was recovering from the brutal beating when a 14-year-old girl told her Moseley had been sending her sexual messages on Facebook.

Coral asked the schoolgirl to send her the damning screenshots before reporting him to the police.

Moseley was jailed for 15 months after admitting assault and attempting to incite a child into sexual activity.

Coral was dragged out of bed and brutally beaten by her sick ex Hanson

Coral, who was left so injured and stressed that she lost her hair, is speaking out to lend support to other victims of domestic violence.

Coral, from Manchester, said: "I didn't believe the girl at first. It sounds mad, but even after the attack, I found myself sticking up for him.

"But then she forwarded on screenshots of the messages Lewis had sent her and I felt sick.

"I told the police straight away and Lewis was arrested.

"I couldn't believe that while he had been seeing me he had been trying to get an underage girl to have sex with him."

Coral and Moseley had known each other since they were teenagers but they didn't begin a relationship until they started chatting on Facebook in 2016.

When Coral moved to Sunderland to live with him in April last year, Moseley became possessive and controlling.

The paedo tried to set up a sexual relationship with the young teen

The retail assistant said: "He didn't like me going out or seeing my friends.

"I loved him, but he wasn't the man I thought he was.

"On one occasion after I told him I'd had enough of his controlling behaviour he kicked and smashed a window in our flat.

"After our fights he was always really sorry. He would tell me he loved me and promise it would never happen again."

In June last year the couple planned to have a quiet night in and Coral had made dinner.

But Moseley did not return home from a night in the pub until midnight and Coral told him their relationship was over and she was going to move out.

She went to bed but was woken by Moseley, dragged from under the covers and then subjected to a attack which knocked her unconscious.

Before she passed out Coral used her phone to record the lead up to the moment he punched her in the face.

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Coral said: "Despite everything, I feel overwhelming relief that the relationship is over.

"For months afterwards I was too scared to leave the house.

"My hair fell out and in the end I shaved it all off because I got sick of it. I don't think it looks that bad and I like wearing wigs.

"This year I feel like I am in a better place. I have a job in a pet shop and I plan to go to college.

"I have a little sister and I hate to think of men sending her the kind of messages Lewis did. I knew I had to act.

"I don't wish Lewis any harm but I am glad he was locked up and is out of my life for good."

Culled from The Sun

My view: No wonder she dumped him, he's a monster. Why are people so violent?, robotic and evil.

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