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Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez blasted for saying Antoine Griezmann’s unborn son

Instagram picture uploaded by Antoione Griezmann's wife Erika Choperena - and circled is Georgina Rodriguez's comment.

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez has been slammed for a comment she shared about Antoine Griezmann unborn son.

Griezmann and his wife Erika Choperena recently announced the sex of their second child on Instagram.

This was the photo posted to Instagram by Erika Choperena - with Georgina Rodriguez's comment circled.

Georgina Rodriguez was blasted by Erika Choperena's followers for writing that Griezmann's new son could 'control' his sister

The couple already have a two-year-old girl called Mia.

After Choperena uploaded a photo on Instagram of the moment her husband found out the good news, Rodriguez was quick to post how "happy" she was for the couple.

But Georgina Rodriguez also wrote, translated from Spanish: "A little boy to control the future lovers of precious Mia and to keep order."

Georgina's post haven't gone down too well with some social media users.

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Many commented that it was a "macho" comment to make, when translated from Spanish.

Another user wrote: "The man or the woman does not have to control anyone over their love relationships or make any order.

"Everyone will live their life. So yes, it is a macho comment."

One Instagram user wrote: "Sorry but women control themselves. In the 21st century you are writing such a stupid comment."

Another blasted Georgina posting: "You disgust me."

Most of the comments on the photo congratulated Griezmann and his wife, but Many tagged in Rodriguez with their disagreement with her pointless comments.

Griezmann tied the knot with Erika at a secret ceremony in June 2017.

The couple had their first child in April 2016.

My view: Why are people slamming Georgina Rodriguez, maybe she's being controlled

by her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo, that's why she's relating her experience to that of an unborn baby.

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