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Meghan Markle's Ring Game Was visible at Princess Eugenie's Wedding as she shows them off

Meghan Markle was spotted showcasing her rings for the camera at Princess Eugenie's wedding, it seems she wanted the camera to capture the image, so it'll be front page news and she won.

Fan account Meghan's Mirror revealed that Meghan's gold diamond rings, bracelet, and earrings are all by Pippa Small.

The ethical jewellery designer Pippa also tweeted about the rings, commenting that she was delighted to see Meghan wearing so many pieces from the collection, including the Duchess' matching bracelet and earring studs:


Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video


My view: The £7,845 rings and bracelet are cute, but she made them look cheap and tacky, she's a Duchess for goodness sake, not a chav reality celeb. She showed them off to the camera, Meghan kind of advertised the rings, it's no surprise they're from the same jewellery company.

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