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Chloe Khan flashes major underboob in skimpy crop top and skintight skirt as she jets to Spain after

Chloe Khan has gone under the knife countless times in a bid to alter her figure

And the former Ex Factor contestant flaunted her surgically enhanced body in a racy crop-top and skin-tight midi skirt, as she arrived at Liverpool's John Lennon Airport on Tuesday morning.

Chloe showcased her ribless-waist in a skimpy crop top

See pictures and video below:

In 2017, Chloe shared - then deleted - this snap of her corset, which appeared to have a trickle of blood on it (Image: chloe.khan/Instagram)

My view: Were these pictures actually taken at an airport or Chloe is just seeking for attention in the media, as she showed off her underboob, her passport and maybe some empty LV luggage and called paparazzi for photoshoot. Chloes said she got that stomach from working out, well it doesn't look normal, as she reportedly said in the past of having some rib-bones removed so she could have a tiny waist. In her Instagram post in 2017, which has since been deleted, a trickle of what looks like blood is visible through the bandage on her waist. Chloe is definitely enjoying life and doing well, good for her.

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