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Cardi B shows off her thong in double split leopard print skirt as she gyrates on her husband Offset

Cardi B never shy away from wearing daring outfits.

The rapper celebrated her 26th birthday with a raunchy display, as was pictured grinding on her husband Offset on a night out, in Los Angeles on Thursday.

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Cardi showcased her her thong in a double split leopard print skirt, Poking her tongue out, and gyrated on her husband Offset

See pictures and video below:

In a footage Cardi said, "I'm excited," "I might act up but I don't give a fuck. I want my husband to fuck me in 30 different positions. I want that n***a to flex me like a New York pretzel."

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

My view: Cardi B appears to be having fun on her birthday, she looks happy, but I don't know about the bum she's flaunting.

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