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‘Britain’s meanest traffic warden’ who boasted about ticketing nurse is SACKED

A traffic warden branded 'evil' after ticketing motorists then mocking them on social media was today sacked.

Former bouncer Zoe Brunt regularly took to Facebook to share photographs after targeting drivers including an off-duty nurse, calling one a 'p***k'.

The 44-year-old body-builder also posted a photo of her own car parked on double-yellow lines, describing it as a 'perk of the job'.

Zoe Brunt's post:

It came as her son George Cartwright said she turned in to a different person 18 months ago when she started bodybuilding and taking muscle building drugs.

Speaking to MailOnline Mr Cartwright, from Canvey Island, in Essex, said after taking the drugs, his mother, who worked as a bouncer started drinking a lot and chasing after younger men for sex.

‘She used to be the perfect mum, everything a son could wish for. She was loving and caring and would do anything for me,’ he said.

‘But then she decided to join the gym and lift weights and started to become obsessive about her appearance. She really got into bodybuilding and she was drinking more and more.

‘Her personality changed. She became aggressive and erratic. She left my dad and moved into a flat above a butcher’s shop where she started working.

'She became someone I no longer recognised and was boasting about the sex she was having with men half her age. I felt really uncomfortable listening to her go on about it.’

George, a personal trainer, said that he lived with his mother when his parents split up, but he moved out after a big bust up about her wild partying. A few months later she moved to Louth, Lincs, where she worked for APCOA.

Yesterday as news of her cruel posts emerged, the mother-of-one made one further Facebook update - to change her employment status.

Furious bosses at parking firm APCOA in Louth, Lincolnshire, suspended her and hours later she described herself on the social media site as having 'left' the company before deleting her profile completely.

Brunt, originally from Essex and who who previously worked in security at bier kellers in Sheffield and Lincoln, gained notoriety with a host of posts including one she called a 'classic' where she boasted of ticketing the off-duty nurse.

Not content with mocking her victims online, she even posted a picture of her own car parked on double yellows

By Daily Mail

My view: She should have been sacked long ago, the nurse only wanted to get her lunch, what's wrong with that? good that she was fired, as that's not the right job for her, she should go back to her security job.

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