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It was the 46th American Music Awards (AMAs) last night and the host Tracee Ellis Ross wore various outfits during the show, but some of her ensemble missed the mark alongside other A-lists celebrities who attended the event.

Here are the celebrities that missed the mark on the red carpet and needs to have a word with their stylist:

See pictures and video below:

Scroll down for video

Singer Poppy wore a pink top with matching skirt that looks like bath mat and completed the look with bizarre black muzzle.

Scroll down for video

Tyra Banks' outfit looked like that of a pirate, may be she thought the occasion was for custume party Awards of the year

Post Malone opted for garish ensemble with a red plastic cup on the red carpet, so strange.

Evan and Ashlee, pictured with their fellow worst-dressed list member Tyra Banks

Evan Ross and his wife Ashlee Simpson

Tracee Ellis Ross, Diana Ross' daughter, she is also the sister of her fellow worst-dressed member Evan Ross

Dua Lipa

Rita Ora

Chantel Jeffries

Qveen Herby, pictured, also wearing a garish outfit



My view: They all missed the mark and needs to dump their stylist.

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