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Travis Scott slammed On Twitter For His ‘SNL’ Performance: ‘WTF Was That Autotune?’

Travis Scott, 26, took to the stage on Saturday Night Live one week after Kanye West’s controversial appearance. But was the rapper's performance good enough? unfortunately fans slammed him for using autotune.

Travis performed the songs “Skeletons,” “Astrothunder” and “Sicko Mode.” While many fans were surprised to see guitarist John Mayer, playing in the background, others were not happy and took to Twitter to accuse the Travis of using autotune.

One furious viewer tweeted, “So…um…people actually like Travis Scott? Wtf was that autotuned sh*t?”

Another person tweeted, “Didn’t Jay write a song called ‘Death of Autotune’? Why we still auto tuning?! I don’t know anything about Travis Scott except he’s a Kardashian sperm donor. So far not impressed w/his ‘music.’ #SNL.”

One SNL fan wrote, “Travis Scott’s performance would have been so much better without autotune.” So, it wasn’t a crowd pleaser then?

Even though fans slammed Travis’ SNL debut, his girlfriend Kylie Jenner loved it.

Kylie Jenner, 21, took to her Instagram page and posted clips of his performances, which she recorded on her phone while watching it on TV, not from the live studio audience. On one footage she captioned "Hubby" and added heart-eyed emojis.

My view: Kylie Jenner is so proud of her so called husband Travis Scott's rubbish music, ghosh, listening to him makes my ears ache. Travis is just ghastly, he's only in the news because of his girlfriend or are they married now (WIFE), God help us.

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