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Premier League star Troy Deeney exposed as love rat on Instagram by furious wife after he dumps her

Cheating football star Troy Deeney has been exposed as a love rat by his furious wife after he dumped her for a model.

Stacey Deeney, 29, took to social media to denounce the Watford striker over an affair with Alisha

Confirming fans’ suspicions that the Hornets’ hero was playing away, she revealed they had split up.

In a late-night post, Stacey told her 1,038 Instagram followers: “Thank you for everyone’s concerns but as @t_deeney has disrespectfully publicly made aware we are no longer together.

“To all the fake accounts out there that feel the need to give me the info on Troy’s cheating please can you now forward them onto @alishahosannah thanks.”

Alisha has since posted photos of her with the Premier League ace.

With one Instagram photo of Deeney she simply wrote: “Mine.”

Fans had previously spotted gushing compliments exchanged by Deeney and Alisha on Instagram.

In August, she posted snaps of herself on holiday in Spain, with Deeney adding flame emojis.

In one post he called her a “Queen”. Alisha replied: “Miss you.”

When she posted a photo of herself in a low-cut dress, Deeney responded: “Flawless.”

And when she posted a snap of Deeney, she included smiley face emojis with hearts as eyes, writing “When he’s more than your man crush but it’s still Monday.”

Stacey stuck by Deeney when he went to prison for three months in 2012

Fans had spotted comments on social media which suggested the pair were having an affair

The messages were visible to all Alisha’s 450 followers and soon some were directly alerting Deeney’s wife.

A source, who knows Troy and Stacey said: “He isn’t being secretive about this. Stacey’s very angry.”

This week ex-bricklayer Deeney has not been seen at his family home in Solihull, West Mids, where Stacey lives with their two children.

The pair began dating when Dee-ney was 15.

They married in 2014.

Loyal Stacey stuck by him in 2012 when he spent three months in jail for affray after kicking a student in the head during a street brawl.

Deeney revealed Stacey told him before he was sentenced: “If you get sent down I’ll stick with you, and if you don’t I’m leaving you.”

Claiming to be a changed man on his release, he pledged his love for Stacey in a 2015 interview, saying:

“She has always been there for me. She keeps everything together.”

He added: “People say what would happen if you broke up? She could have the world because she gasex reve me everything.” Stacey declined to comment yesterday.

Culled from The Sun

My view: What goes around comes around, there's always karma waiting to strike, Troy will do the same thing to his new girlfriend, it's only a matter of time. His wife was there for him when he was jailed and he's now paying her back with this, such a selfish man.

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