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Kim Kardashian shows off her ribless waist and surgically enhanced boobs as she's slammed for &#

Kim Kardashian kicked off the weekend by showing off her surgically enhanced boobs and ribless waist in racy bikini that barely fits.

The 37-year-old mother of three captioned the photo, "Chanel vintage, lets please be specific."

Kim's celebrity friends commented on the raunchy picture:

"Same," Amy Schumer commented.

"This body is giving us life!!" her best friend, Simon Huck, posted.

"That's hot," Paris Hilton said.

Her fans weren't as friendly, as some slammed her for the distasteful picture she shared on Instagram:

"This is ridiculous," one user wrote. "This lady really loves attention. This is not normal."

One fan wrote: "I don't [really] do this, but this time I feel like I must. What point really, showing off a body that is not made of anything but plastic." "And for what for strangers to look at? Save it for your man instead. It's really sad and that's a call for desperate need of attention. You have three beautiful kids and a man that loves you. Be aware of your choices. You should be ashamed."

Another noted that it was "time to unfollow Kim."

See pictures below:

My view: It's sad that this 37-year-old woman/mother of three is so desperate for attention that she'll post disgusting filth online for maximum Likes. Kim's ribless waist looks scary, while the top part of her left breast-implant needs fixing, you destroy your body as you seek perfection. I don't get why celebs like Amy Schumer is supporting and commenting on Kim's disgraceful and shameful picture, same Schumer who was arrested while protesting against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who's accused of sexual assault. Why is Schumer not protesting Kim's disgusting picture, as she's attracting same kind of attention she received when she flaunted her jewellery on social media before her terrifying Paris armed robbery ordeal. Some people will never learn from their past mistakes. Just last week a young beautiful Iraqi Instagram model, named Tara fares was gunned-down in her exotic car by evil men, just because she posted cute pictures of herself not naked photos, it's sad she wasn't lucky like Kim who begged for her life. Tara was only 22, she left behind her 3-year-old son, so sad, think about that.

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