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First picture of 28-year-old neighbour charged with double murder in Kent after mum and daughter kni

A neighbour and bodybuilder charged with the murder of two women after an alleged dispute over a shared driveway has appeared in court.

Jack Ralph, 28, is alleged to have attacked an elderly man and his wife and daughter in the commuter village of Hadlow near Tonbridge, Kent.

Jack Ralph, 28, is alleged to have attacked an elderly man and his wife and daughter in the commuter village of Hadlow

He appeared at Medway Magistrates Court via video link this morning to face two charges for murder and one of attempted murder.

Cops called to a house on a quiet street found David Harris, 78, seriously injured with stab wounds. His wife, Margaret, 78 and their daughter, Sharon, 55, were dead.

It was claimed they were attacked by a man who chased Mr Harris inside the house following an altercation outside.

Locals say Ralph and the Harrises had rows over access to the drive

Locals say Ralph and the Harrises had rows over access to the drive in Hadlow, Kent.

Last night Margaret's sister Doris Pope told the Mail on Sunday: "It’s just a big shock and obviously we hope that the person who did this is brought to justice.

"We are shocked and devastated and just cannot believe something like this can happen."

It is understood that is where the two women were stabbed to death and Mr Harris was wounded.

He was airlifted to hospital in London where he was said to be stable today.

Neighbours described their shock of the tragedy that happened in their "quiet and friendly" town.

One forensics officer was seen carrying a bag of Winalot and cans of dog food into the house

A police officer at the scene as forensics gets underway

It is believed that the family had been involved with ongoing disputes with their neighbours over a driveway.

Another resident from the quiet neighbourhood in Hadlow, said: “The dad is in a London hospital but I don’t know his condition."

Neighbour Sophie Moorey-Brown, 31, said: ‘The first we knew about it was when there was an air ambulance very low over the houses.

"There was a heavy police presence and forensic teams.

"We’ve lived here for five years and never heard anything bad happen.

"It has always been so quiet and a lovely place to be. We are very shocked and saddened by what we have heard and are trying to shield our boys from hearing too much.

Neighbours have spoken of their shock after police and forensics descended on the quiet village of Hadlow

Forensics officers were seen examining a property yesterday morning after police found two women dead

Ralph is alleged to have killed Margaret Harris, 78 and her daughter, Sharon, 55

A neighbour said: “I know the family very well. They have a shared driveway. They have a motorhome and are always leaving it on the road. It’s a nuisance.

“It’s parked on a slight bend and is hard to see past.

“A few years ago I heard them saying one neighbour couldn’t get his car up the drive.

“The daughter lives there as well as their son. I don’t know where he was. He may have been at work.”

Another resident added: “It is such an awful thing to hear anywhere, but in our lovely, friendly little village it’s bound to rock us residents even more.”

Nigel Keogh, a 51-year-old plasterer who lives across the street, described Mr and Mrs Harris as a "nice couple", adding: "They kept themselves to themselves."

The victims' family said on Monday: "We have lost two members of our family and are focusing on the recovery of another.

Work colleagues of the family have already paid their respects by leaving flowers and heartfelt messages outside their house.

A group of forensics officers huddle outside the home in Hadlow

One well-wisher wrote: "Sharon, we wished each other a good weekend at 4:30 on Friday.

"I can’t believe I am writing these words, there will be a big gap at work without you. All our love Clare and Danni"

Ralph will next appear at Maidstone Crown Court on October 3.

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Culled from The Sun

My view: This is terrible, such a deranged lunatic, why kill people over a shared drive.

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