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Boy ‘lied that he had sex with teacher in plane toilet because he was infatuated with her’

A schoolboy who claims he had sex with his teacher in the cubicle of an aeroplane says his account is ‘not a fantasy’ and denies he lied about it because he was ‘infatuated’, Metro reported.

During cross examination the teenager said he did have sex with science teacher Eleanor Wilson, 29, on the flight home from a school trip.

The boy – who cannot be named for legal reasons – also told Bristol Crown Court that the teacher continued to see him after the overseas camping trip in 2015 had ended.

The court heard that Wilson, then aged 26, gave the boy her mobile telephone number which he saved on his phone as ‘Smurfette’.

It is alleged that Wilson and the boy began kissing and cuddling in seats at the rear of the plane before she ‘beckoned’ him to the toilets where she performed a sex act on him before having full intercourse.

Anna Midgley, defending, suggested to the boy that the flight would have been busy with other teachers checking on pupils, fellow passengers and cabin crew walking around and what he claims happened did not take place.

‘When you came out of the toilet you were close enough together, making the risk that other staff and pupils and cabin staff could have seen you together,’ she said.

‘It’s just not true. Nothing had happened.’

The lawyer also said that the allegations of kissing, cuddling and holding hands which allegedly occurred in the boy’s bedroom and on secret visits to Tintern Abbey and the Ashton Court estate were all made up.

Physics teacher Eleanor Wilson is alleged to have had sex with the boy in a toilet on a plane home from a school trip (Picture: Enterprise)

The allegations came to light after another boy threatened to expose the teacher if she didn’t have sex with him.

‘She never approached you physically or sexually – that might be what you wanted – but it never happened,’ Ms Midgely told the boy.

Bizarre social media craze sees people sprint past speed cameras ‘You were thinking about her a lot, and you were infatuated with her, and you had told your friends that things had happened that in fact had not happened.

‘You had boasted to your friends and that led to rumours starting and someone started to blackmail her about that.

‘Your parents started to question you and the school started to question you.

‘At that point you couldn’t say none of this wasn’t true or that it didn’t happen and you said you had sex on an aeroplane because that’s what you told people.’

The teenager, who gave evidence from behind a screen, replied: ‘That is incorrect.’

Wilson, of The Rope Walk, Dursley, Gloucestershire, denies four charges of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust.

The jury was earlier told the boy had written down his feelings in a note on his mobile phone after Wilson allegedly told him she was pregnant with his child but was having an abortion.

Asked why he wrote the note, the boy replied: ‘At that point it was easier to write down my feelings, rather than share them with anyone else.

‘I was feeling emotionally lost, confused.’

Police, who recovered the note, did not find any other conversations between the boy and Wilson on his phone, the court heard.

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My view: This case is so strange, I feel bad for the teacher. I don't think they had sex in the toilet during the flight, how's that possible? when the cabin crew meal cart is right at the back and the flight would have been busy with other teachers checking on pupils, fellow passengers and cabin crew walking around, it just doesn't add up.

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