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Big Brother 2018: ‘You're a hypocrite!' Lewis F screams at Kay during furious row

As the housemates recover from Lewis G’s eviction late last week, tensions are high in the Big Brother house.

After Lewis F’s spat with Cameron, the pair made up, as Lewis continued to feel bad about the argument.

However Kay was quick to judge, as she began telling Lewis how she felt about his actions.

But the passionate Lewis was ready to defend himself as he quickly hit back.

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Kay explained: “I don’t know what it must be like to be you because everything is such a dramatic thing.”

“You cry every day!” Lewis yelled. “How dare you say everything is a big deal to me - you cry every day.”

With nothing else to add, Kay simply commented: “To be honest I’m starting not to like you.”

Now furious by the confrontation, Lewis snapped: “I’m not bothered! I’m not bothered! You’re a hypocrite!”

Realising she was bringing him to boiling point, Kay continued: “You’re becoming very negative - also you harbour so much s**t.”

Lewis then launched into another vicious trade, branding her “unstable”.

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“No, carry on,” Kay laughed. “Let everyone else see this!”

Motioning towards the rest of her housemates Kay shouted: “Guys: I’m the most unstable person in here!”

Lewis continue: “You are, I’ve got my own shit - am I not allowed to express myself?

“I’m allowed to feel bad for upsetting my little bro - I was going to sleep and you started pressing me about it.”

Shaking his head, he concluded: “You’re a hypocrite, you’re a hypocrite.”

By Express

My view: Attention seekers Lewis F and Kay are both annoying, they're the biggest game players alongside Tomasz also annoying, get them out. This is the worst big brother contestants ever.

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