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Khloe Kardashian shares picture of her daughter True Thompson in turban as her "We Do Not See C

Khloe Kardashian appear not to have time for social media trolls, especially those saying negative things about her daughter, True Thompson.

Khloe took to Twitter on Thursday to comment about a follower who deleted a racist remark after she replied to it.

"I dislike the fact that people are allowed to comment on my daughter's skin color but as soon as I comment kindly back and praise her for all that she is, the comment gets erased," she wrote. "If you have the courage to post your nasty criticism, please allow one to defend or comment back."

Khloe said that "everyone is entitled to their [opinions]," she also made it clear that she's entitled to hers, as well. The KUWTK star also explained she tried to come from a place of empathy rather than a place of hate.

"I truly love educating others and hopefully opening up their minds to a beautiful collective world," she continued. "But some people are not willing to [accept] anything else then what they know."

"I try to put myself in their shoes & maybe they were brought up in a different type of household then I was," she added. "So instead of shaming I try to educate. In our household, we do not see color. We see emotion and action. We see love. We feed off of energy."

However, fans reacted to her pointless comment.

See reaction below:

See reaction

My view: I don't get Khloe Kardashian's color comment, as she say they don't see color in their house hold but love, when her boyfriend Tristan Thompson is black, Kim's husband Kanye West is black, your mother Kris Jenners' boyfriend Corey Gamble is black, Kylie and Kendall Jenner's boyfriends are dating black and mixed-race. Well there's color and you need to see it, because your daughter True has a beautiful skin color that some stupid people on social media are criticising, as being too dark. There's absolutely nothing wrong with True's skin color, God has given her a flawless and cute dark skin color but you her mother is the one giving your followers something to talk about, because you use filter to lighten her skin color, change her facial features and use turbans and headband to cover her head. If you as a mother use filter to alter your daughter's skin color, you're indirectly criticsing it yourself, you're as bad as those doing same thing to that adorable and lovely child. Black is beautiful and there's nothing wrong with using filter for fun but not to give people the wrong impression and message that you don't like something.

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