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Married math teacher allegedly lowered grades of a student because he stopped having sex with her


A South Carolina math teacher has been accused of lowering the grade of a 17-year-old student in her class because the boy stopped having sex with her. Named in court records as John and Mary Doe, the victim and his mother are in the process of suing the Charleston County School District for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

According to reports, Jennifer Olajire-Aro, 27, had allegedly "encouraged and coerced" the then 17-year-old into having sexual intercourse several times in places that include the Burke High School, her car, and in her home on Johns Island. The civil complaint has alleged that in at least one of these encounters, the algebra teacher and mother-of-one had sex with the student in front of her then 10-month-old baby.

The Charleston Post and Courier reported that the lawsuit, which had been filed last week, says that the teacher would keep reminding the teen that she is the one who controlled his grade if he ever tried to fend off her advances. The complaint said that John Doe had been in her math class when she started talking to him about sex before, during, and even after the class was over by phone and by text.

The teacher would keep reminding her student that she had power over his grades if he ever said no to her sexual advances (Source: Cannon Detention Center), Meaww reported.

The lawsuit stated: "Each time Plaintiff John Doe would dismiss Aro’s advances and requests to perform sexual intercourse with her, Aro would remind Plaintiff John Doe that she alone controlled what grade he would receive in her class." It was reported that John Doe had then started skipping his math classes just so that he could avoid Aro's alleged sexual advances. The complaint stated that he finally mustered up the courage and told his mother about the sexual relationship he had with his math teacher after Aro actually lowered his grade from 98 to 89.

The math teacher was arrested on December 18 on one count of sexual battery with a student. An affidavit stated that the teacher confessed to having sex with her student on three separate occasions between November and December of last year. At that time, her attorney had said that she is married to a resident from the Medical University of South Carolina and that the couple have a child, Meaww reported.

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Mary Doe, the student's mother, had an emotional statement at the bond hearing and called the teacher a "hellacious person" for the things she had done to her son. Aro has a Master's degree in education from the University of Texas, Austin. She had been in her first year of teaching algebra and pre-calculus as well as coaching the tennis team at Burke High School when she allegedly started the salacious affair with her student.

The criminal case that was filed against her is still making its way through the court system. After she was arrested, Aro was suspended from teaching and she quit her post with the school in January this year after giving up her license to the concerned authorities.

The victim and his mother are looking to get an unspecified amount in actual and compensatory damages as part of the civil case. They have also accused the school district for not properly training and supervising the teacher. A spokesperson for the school has said that the district hasn't seen the lawsuit yet.

My view: It's sad how the accused math teacher destroy her life, because of her alleged sex drive. She had a good career and married to a Doctor, why not use an escort agency if you're really crazy about having sex non-stop.

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