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Kavanaugh tries unprecedented move to save his chance for the Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh looked less like a Supreme Court justice than an ordinary political candidate whose campaign is on the skids, mired in scandal as he battles to keep his hopes of high office alive.

With his wife Ashley by his side, Kavanaugh seized control of his own defense against allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct that are threatening to overwhelm his hopes of joining the bench, CNN reported.

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"I am not going anywhere," Kavanaugh told Fox News in an interview on Monday night.

The joint appearance by the Kavanaughs was a startling moment, unprecedented in the history of the Supreme Court confirmation process, and may end up registering a new threshold in the politicization of the institution he hopes to join.

By offering an interview, Kavanaugh shed the public reticence normally expected of a senior member of the judiciary in order to slug it out in the political trenches.

He pleaded for a "fair process" at a potentially pivotal moment for a nomination that could change the path of American jurisprudence and deliver conservatives of a long-dreamed of majority on the court.

A big television interview has long been a weapon in a political consultant's political arsenal. And Kavanaugh learned from some of best as one of the President's men in the George W. Bush White House.

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On Monday night, he did what political candidates do when they are in trouble. He risked an audacious play to reset a damaging narrative that threatens his viability.

Brett Kavanaugh defends himself on Fox News, says Trump stands with him

He was also getting his retaliation in first, since his original accuser Christine Blasey Ford will testify before him at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday that will be critical to his chances of reaching the Court.

Understanding that perception is everything in politics, Kavanaugh was also sending a message to Washington, President Donald Trump's grassroots supporters who watch Fox News, and any wavering Republican senators who might wonder if he's worth the fight.

Culled from CNN

My view: If Brett Kavanaugh wants a fair process and is really innocent , he should be the one asking for the FBI to investigate the allegations, instead of avoiding it.

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