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Bus driver filmed kissing and groping a ‘teen girl’ in cab as bosses launch probe

The Sun reports that, A Bus driver is being probed by bosses after he was filmed kissing and groping a young woman in his cab.

The worker - who has not been named - was caught on camera in a clinch with the girl after he parked up his McGill's bus in Glasgow.

And bosses at the firm have now launched an internal probe over the clip - which also sees him print off a bus ticket for her so she can give him her number.

The clip - which has since gone viral - appears to start with the pair kissing, before the camera cuts away as she strokes his face.

The girl, who appears to be a teenager, tells the worker “I love you”, and he replies “I love you too”.

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He then asks: “Can I get your number?” And she replies: “Give me your Facebook and I’ll text you.”

He then pulls out a ticket from his ticket machine and tells her: “Write your number on there”.

She repeatedly asks to be let in his cab as she shouts at him “let me in, let me in”, as he replies “stay on, I’ve got to go”.

The girl finally clambers inside, and he is seen putting his hand on her leg.

She gets a pen and writes down a number, before the two minute long clip ends. McGill’s Buses confirmed they were looking into the circumstances of the incident - which happened across from the street’s Nice N Sleazy bar.

A spokesman said: “We are aware of this matter and an internal HR investigation is underway,” The Sun reported.

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My view: Why are they concealing the teenger's identity?, she's clearly enjoying herself.

this is honeytrap, the girl allegedly set him up, the girl should be prosecuted for inappropriate behaviour on public bus, the bus driver did nothing wrong, it was the girl that threw herself at him, so cheap.

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