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Boxing mum who attacked 11-year schoolgirl says she was just defending her daughter insists ‘I’m not

The Sun reports that, A Boxing mum dubbed the Secret Assassin who attacked an 11-year-old girl has insisted she is “not a thug” and moaned about losing her job.

Jayde Binch, 28, regrets the “moment of madness” when she attacked her daughter’s classmate and claims she was protecting her because she was being bullied.

Jayde Binch told The Sun Online that, she reacted because her daughter was being bullied

The mum-of-three, was fined £120 in court after she admitted assaulting Keisha Schofield, said she grabbed the girl's clothes and screamed in her face.

Shocking pictures shared by Keisha's mother Tiffany Schofield, show the schoolgirl covered in blood but Jayde denies punching, kicking or slapping the youngster.

Jayde told The Sun Online that, she moaned the incident has ruined her life and whined about losing her job as fitness instructor at one of the country’s biggest gyms.

She also said her daughter was being bullied by other girls but there is no suggestion that Keisha was one of the girls picking on her eldest daughter Kayshia Binch.

Jayde, left, said she grabbed the girl's clothes because her daughter Kayshia, right, was being picked on

Keisha Schofield was pictured covered in blood following the incident

Jayde, pictured with her daughter, has moaned about losing her job as a fitness instructor over the incident

Jayde, from Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts, claimed she is being tormented by hate mail and insisted: “I’m not the thug people are making me out to be,” she told The Sun

She said: “I grabbed her clothes near her neck - I didn’t punch, kick or slap her.

“I did not physically assault her but I lost my temper and regret it and now I have a criminal record.”

Jayde pleaded guilty to a charge of assault by beating and was ordered to pay a £120 fine, court costs plus £100 compensation to her victim on top of being given a six-month community order.

Jayde, pictured outside her home yesterday, moaned about losing her job

She added: “I put my hands up, I tell the truth, there was a confrontation with this girl and in a moment of madness I did something I shouldn’t have."

Jayde also claimed to The Sun Online that Kayshia, who she had when she was 13, was being bullied and she "wanted to protect her".

The mum, who boxes for a hobby, said that she laughs at her nickname The Secret Assassin given by a sparring partner.

Binch pleaded guilty to one charge of assault by beating and was ordered to pay a £120 fine

She has now lost her job as a fitness instructor at a top gym

She said: “I’m being made out to look like a complete thug, which I’m not.

“I’m hard working, I’m a good mum and now because of the court case I’ve lost my job, my boxing prospects are wrecked.

“I’ve been threatened and bombarded by abusive messaged and my family is living in fear. It is a nightmare.”

The boxer, who has previously appeared with her daughter in a Sky TV programme Diet Crazy Mums, was sentenced in September last year at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court.

Binch was seen in a boxing ring in a Facebook video where she was dubbed The Secret Assassin

Tiffany Schofield said she reassured her daughter that Binch would be sent to jail

“There was a confrontation, I have to accept it but I’m not the thug people are making me out to be. All you have to do now is touch, spit, brush against someone and that is deemed assault.”

Since then Jayde, who also has an 18-month-old son and seven-year-old daughter, has suffered a torrent of abuse on social media and malicious texts.

She lives at home with Kayshia - a model hopeful now aged 13 - and said she now “fears for my life” and can’t sleep at night.

Kiesha was left with a bloodshot eye, pictured, after the attack

Binch admitted assaulting schoolgirl Kiesha Schofield

Kiesha's mum Tiffany, 33, also from Sutton-in-Ashfiled said Binch had “got away” with the attack that had left her daughter afraid to leave the house.

She said: “Kiesha had blood all over her face and was bruised on her head and body.

"Jayde fractured Kiesha's nose, she had a bruised and blood shot eye which took a long time to heal.

“She had scratches over her body and bruises on her back and arms where she had been kicked.

“I was livid. I wanted to do the same to her that she'd done to Kiesha but common sense kicked in. I kept saying to her 'she'll definitely get prison time for this'.

“When she was given the fine and no jail sentence, I couldn't believe it. How is that justice for attacking a minor?"

Jayde Binch

Tiffany Schofield said her daughter Kiesha has been left scared to leave the house (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

My view: Bullying is not acceptable, the picture shared by her mother doesn’t show that girl has had a punch in the face, there are no visible cuts and bruises, If the accused is a boxer it would have been much worse than that. The blood splatter is kind of strange, as no blood was streaming down her face, just her mouth area, and no cuts on her lips, No black eye, no broken nose, give me a break, unless I see the CCTV proving me wrong, I concur with the judge for the light punishment, as he/she watched the CCTV before delivering judgment.

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