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Millionaire toy tycoon’s daughter, 15, dies after collapsing on British Airways flight after allergi

THE family of a teen girl who died from a severe allergic reaction to a Pret a Manger sandwich on a British Airways flight have demanded answers.

Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, 15, collapsed on a flight from London to Nice after buying an artichoke, olive and tapenade baguette at Heathrow.

Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, 15, died after suffering an extreme allergic reaction to a Pret sandwich while on a British Airways flight

Her dad Nadim, a millionaire owner of Wow Toys from Fulham, tried to save schoolgirl Natasha by giving her two doses of drugs and administering an EpiPen.

She died in hospital in France.

An inquest will take place this week with Pret bosses set to testify.

Nadim said: "As a family now of three, my wife, son and I are still trying to adjust to life without our beloved girl. It’s a daily battle and the pain is indescribable.

An inquest into her death starts this week with her family demanding answers

"Everything we say and do is a reminder that she isn’t with us, her empty bedroom, school uniform hanging in her wardrobe, her holiday bag packed for her holiday in Nice has never been unpacked. We can’t bear to."

At around 7.50am on July 17, 2016, Natasha began to feel seriously unwell.

Red welts began appearing on her skin and her father administered the first of two EpiPens that she carried in case of an allergic reaction.

Despite this, she started hyperventilating and cabin crew were made aware of the situation.

She was given another EpiPen, but continued to become increasingly ill.

Her father Nadim, who administered two Epipens to his daughter has spoken of the family's heartbreak in the wake of the tragedy

Natasha was laid out on the floor of the plane to receive emergency treatment and a junior doctor on board came forward to help administering a shot of adrenaline from an on board first aid kit.

The tragic teen had lost consciousness and suffered a cardiac arrest.

She was given CPR but the plane was not diverted, landing in Nice after a flight lasting one hour and 50 minutes.

French paramedics met the plane and rushed Natasha to hospital, but she was pronounced dead later that day.

Natasha was popular pupil at Lady Margaret School, a Church of England academy in Fulham, who loved horses and ice-skating and hoped to become a lawyer.

The inquest could lead to product labelling laws being ramped up.

It is believed the Pret baguette had sesame seeds baked into the dough.

Sesame is one of 14 allergens that EU laws say must be listed in pre-packaged food made off premises.

But a loophole means companies do not have to list it if the food is prepared on the same day in an on site kitchen.

Instead signs are supposed to be put up on shelves and tills to warn customers of potential allergens.

Pret said an allergen guide was provided in all shops and online detailing the 14 declarable allergens contained in its products.

It added that at the time of Natasha’s death, there was – and still is– allergen signage on each fridge and at till points, and that before the death, it had started to make enhancements to allergen information provided to customers and the design of the signage.

All its product shelf tickets now identify if the product contains any of the 14 declarable allergens, the company said.

British Airways bosses will also feature at the inquest to discuss safety procedures and staff training.

Natasha's Dad Nadim

My view: That's so sad. If you have a food allergy its probably not a good idea to buy and eat food from restaurant/cafe or from unknown source, it's better you pack your lunch at home, because medical assistance on a plane maybe delayed, I feel for her family. The plane should have diverted.

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