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Video captures tragic moment bus kills Citi Biker

Just-released videos show the tragic moment a Coach USA bus barreling down a Chelsea street strikes a Citi Bike rider and fatally crushes him under its rear wheel, New York Post reported.

The surveillance footage, released to The Post on Thursday, shows Dan Hanegby, wearing large over-the-ear headphones, pedal east on West 26th Street toward Eighth Avenue on June 12, 2017.

As the bus, driven by Dave Lewis, 52, plows by to his left, Hanegby, 36, appears oblivious, glancing at the sidewalk.

The victim, who is now sandwiched between the bus and a parked white van, appears to look toward the left at the bus for a split-second before he’s knocked off the bike and tumbles under its rear wheel.

The 50,000-pound bus rolls over Hanegby, according to the disturbing footage, which was played in Manhattan Criminal Court at Lewis’ ongoing non-jury trial.

Lewis is charged with a misdemeanor and a traffic violation for the death of Hanegby, a Credit Suisse banker and father of two, who was on his way to work that morning.

After the gruesome collision, the videos show Hanegby roll toward his left side, remove his backpack, then flop onto his back. He lifts his right hand and puts it over his head as bystanders begin to encircle him.

Prosecutors argued that Lewis acted recklessly by not giving Hanegby the right of way. The driver honked his horn yet didn’t slow down.

“After appreciating the situation, he didn’t stop,” Raffaela Belizaire told Judge Heidi Cesare. “It was dangerous to try to pass, to try to squeeze through.”

Defense lawyer Jeremy Saland blamed the accident on Hanegby, who wasn’t wearing a helmet and had on headphones.

The investment banker wasn’t paying attention and the headphones blocked out the sound of the blaring horn, he argued.

Hanegby’s death marked the first Citi Bike fatality since the ride-share program began in 2013, NY Post reported.

Scroll down and watch the full video

Via New York Post

My view: I feel bad for the man, terrible mistake he had on headphones, not a good idea, as he couldn't hear the driver's horn, the driver should be punished, for not slowing down and he did not stop after hitting the bike rider, it's sad.

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