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Colin Kaepernick's attorney Mark Geragos seems to suggest that, two NFL teams could be interested in signing the QB.

Mark Geragos appears to be teasing TMZ Sports that two NFL teams could be interested in signing Colin Kaepernick.

"I would just say, 'Stay tuned' ... that next week there may be some news."

TMZ pushed to get more information -- and Geragos started dropping hints about the 2 teams.

The first clue obviously points to the Oakland Raiders.

"I'll say this ... if Al Davis was still alive."

The interesting part of that comment -- Al's son, Mark Davis, took over the Raiders when his father passed away ... and Mark recently told us he thought it was a good idea for Nike to sign Kaepernick.

The other clue was a little more abstruse, but he suggests Patriots owner Robert Kraftcould be interested in Colin.

In the clip Geragos also says Colin and his girlfriend, Nessa, are NOT boycotting the NFL.

They're watching games (they're fans) and they're supporting players like Kenny Stills.

Geragos also clears up some misinformation about Colin's deal with Nike -- confirming what TMZ Sports already reported. ... he is FOR SURE getting his own shoe as part of his deal with the Swoosh. TMZ

My view: Colin Keapernick has achieved his goal by attracting attention to "Take a knee"national anthem protest against police brutality, it's now time for him to move on and stand up during the natioanl anthem.

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