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Female escorts hired by lonely women when their husbands are away for sexual pleasure reveal what go

Culled from The Sun

Charlotte Rose opens the bottle of white wine, pours two glasses, and gives one to the woman who has just arrived at her house for sex.

They've never met before, but Charlotte has a lot of regular female clients who pay her to perform oral sex and kiss and cuddle them - some when their husbands are away, The Sun reported.

The 36-year-old has been working in the sex industry for 18 years, and tells Sun Online that like Lily Allen - who has admitted sleeping with female escorts in 2014 - more and more women are using female sex workers.

“I’ve had lots of female clients who’ve seen me for their own pleasure," she tells Sun Online.

Lily has admitted using female escorts for sex

"Others want to explore their sexuality, and it’s brilliant that more women are more liberated and being more open.

“Female clients like the intimacy - the kissing, cuddling, skin on skin, oral sex."

Here, Charlotte, and another sex worker, Faye, reveal what it's like to be paid to sleep with other women - and how they compare to male punters.

"A lot of them aren’t really into penetration," Charlotte says. "But I always make sure they orgasm at least twice - I'm never watching the clock.

“I’ve had a 19 year old woman come to me as she wanted to explore her sexuality, and she realised she was bi-sexual.

"We shared a two-hour session together. The first hour we just chatted naked and kissed.

"She said it made her realise it was OK to be herself.

“Another female client - a housewife in her mid-forties - has a husband who works away a lot and he pays me to see her.

"I saw her once a month for a year and a half.

She had the "soulmate connection" with her husband and they had a good sex life - but she wanted that softness, that female caress that women can give other women.”

Charlotte has one client who sees her when her husband's out of town

"Her husband came to pick me up and I went to her house, where we shared a glass of wine in the living room and got to know each other.

"It was summertime, so I wore a floaty light blue summer dress -I'm not your black dress stereotypical type - I just think how easy is it to get my clothing off.

"She liked a shower, cuddles and kisses and was very passive - I took control and took a dominant role, and we had oral sex.

"I've had one woman who preferred red, so I wore a red basque.

But it's not really about what I'm wearing as it doesn't stay on for very long anyway - it's more about the actions and what we get up to."

The women craving intimacy away from their boyfriends

Escort Faye Summers, 31, from South London, has worked in the sex industry for four years after quitting her job in design.

The majority of Faye’s clients are male, but she also has regular female clients - and says she actually prefers their company.

She told Sun Online: “Women are probably my favourite clients. I’m bi-sexual myself and do genuinely enjoy the company of women - they’re very respectful.

Charlotte has one client who sees her when her husband's out of town

Lily has admitted using female escorts for sex

Faye says a lot of her female clients are just too busy for a relationship

My view: I'm sure that those women who hire the escorts would moan if their husbands were using them.

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