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21-year-old man rapes 7-year-old girl, inserts water pipe inside her

In a shocking incident, a 7-year-old female child was raped by a 21-year-old man who allegedly also inserted a water pipe in her private parts. The reprehensible incident was reported from Seemapuri area of Shahdara district. The incident occurred on Monday and the accused has been arrested by police. The victim was critically injured and had to undergo an operation, Daily Pioneer reported.

The victim’s mother filed a complaint at Seemapuri police station on Monday after the victim returned home bleeding. She narrated the ordeal to her mother. The victim’s mother told the police that her daughter was raped by a neighbour. The accused allegedly took her to the bushes near DLF Chowk and raped her.

An FIR under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act was registered and the accused was arrested, police revealed on Tuesday.

Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson in a tweet revealed that she met with the minor girl who was raped on Monday. She stated that the child was brutally raped. The accused allegedly inserted a water pipe inside her private parts.

Maliwal revealed that the child is from a single parent family with her mother being the only parent. She also revealed that they were struggling financially. She wrote, “Cannot describe the pain the little girl was experiencing. Already malnourished, she has a long struggle ahead. We are going to support her in her legal fight to ensure death penalty to her culprits. Will file compensation and make efforts to rehabilitate her.”

This comes just days after a 10-year-old minor girl was brutally raped in New Ashok Nagar and an 8-year-old was tied and raped in her home by an elderly neighbour in Shahdara District.

Culled from Daily Pioneer

My view: Horrible monster, it's always a neighbour or someone known to the victim, as most Victims know their Attacker. It's terrible what is going on in India, rapists should have both arms cut off, so children and women won't have to face these evil men again, it'll also discourage potential perverts.

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