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12 Chinese nationals arrested in Nairobi engaging in prostitution

Culled from TUKO

The police are holding at least 12 Chinese nationals believed to be engaging in prostitution against the law of the land, TUKO reported.

The Immigration officers with the help of crime busters from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, pounced on the suspects early on the morning of Wednesday, September 19, at two residential apartments in Nairobi's South C estate.

During the 5 am swoop targeting wanted fugitives and human traffickers, 12 foreigners including eight ladies and four men of Chinese origin were arrested.

One of the men has been on the Immigration department radar since May 2017 on suspicion of being involved in prostitution and illegal gambling in the country and had been banished but sneaked back.

The Director of Immigration Services Alexander Muteshi confirmed his team was working to endure their safe deportation to China.

"The 12 have been documented as prohibited immigrants and are being processed for deportation for not only violating our immigration laws but also breaching the fundamental standards of integrity with regard to working and doing business in Kenya," said Muteshi.

This is not the first incident involving foreigners allegedly trading their bodies to earn a living in Kenya.

In July 2018, detectives from the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit arrested 21 Nepalese girls working as strippers in lavish clubs in Nairobi. In most instances, the victims often lack official documentation regularising their stay in Kenya.

The Interior Ministry has intensified a crackdown on illegal immigrants in the country.

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See reaction below:

My view: Kenyan government is taking a page from Trump's immigration policy, is the government policy racist? Kenyans are crying out loud that Chinese nationals are taking over their jobs I wonder what kind of jobs, why are Kenyans not speaking out against the crackdown, why not ask the illegal immigrants sex workers to pay 40% tax instead of deporting them, that could help with their massive debt with China. I bet some randy politicians use their service as well, as we know one politician is being investigated over the murder of University student Sharon Otieno.

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