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Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro ate steak at Salt Bae's restaurant while people in his

Venezuela's president ate expensive steak at celebrity chef Salt Bae's restaurant while millions of people back home are starving.

President Nicolás Maduro was seen dining with his wife on Monday at an Istanbul branch of Nusret, the international chain of restaurants owned by the Turkish chef Nusret Gokce, also known as "Salt Bae."

My-San Antonio reports that, Maduro was in Istanbul for a stop-off on his way from China, where he went to ask for more loans for his economically stricken country.

Recent polls of Venezuelans show that many struggle to afford food, and the country often sees mass protests because of the economic hardship. The government has advised Venezuelans to breed rabbits for food as a way to beat their hunger.

At one point in his meal, Maduro can be seen smoking a cigar and appearing to pose with Gokce as he was presented with a cigar and a T-shirt.

Reuters also quoted him telling fellow diners it was "a once-in-a-lifetime moment."

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

Marco Rubio called celebrity chef Salt Bae a 'weirdo' for serving steak to Nicolás Maduro

My view: I don't get why people are blaming the chef, he was just being respectful serving a famous dictator. Maduro is to blame for the suffering of his people, he neglected them while he enjoy a lavish lifestyle. I hope Maduro orders steak from chef Salt Bae for millions of jobless Venezuelans.

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