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UK's youngest Lottery winner 'thought she would die' in attack after night out

Source: Metro

Britain’s youngest Lottery Winer thought she would die when she was attacked and dragged around ‘like a rag doll’ after a night out, Metro reported.

Callie Rogers, who won £1.87million aged 16, was kicked, punched and stamped on by Marie Hinde, 37, and Jade Quayle, 26 in July last year.

The mum-of-four, now 31, was attacked in her boyfriend’s house in Whitehaven, Cumbria, leaving her with broken ribs, teeth and her nose.

Carlisle Crown Court heard how Callie was heading to her then boyfriend Jack Murray’s house in a taxi on the night of the attack.

Her partner wasn’t home but then-lovers Hinde and Quayle were inside, looking after his dog.

A dispute developed between the three, and the dog sitters assaulted Callie as she walked the pet back into her boyfriend’s house.

Hinde, of Whitehaven, admitted assault and witness intimidation at Carlisle Crown Court in August and was jailed for 33 months.

The court heard she had 29 convictions, including one for supplying cocaine and attacking police.

Quayle, of Cleator Moor, who also admitted assault, received a 21 month prison sentence.

Callie, mum to Kian, 13, Debony, 11, Blake, six, and Georgina, two, said she is ‘relieved’ her attackers have been jailed.

She admits the ordeal still gives her nightmares but says she will not be ‘deafeated’ by her attackers. Callie suffered depression after her lottery win and attempted suicide.

My view: Her attackers are evil monsters, who should be locked up for five years.

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