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This shocking post was shared by Facebook user Laide Fadimu and captioned, 'feeling sad'.

'Juliet was murdered in her house on the night of August 29/30th.Her cell phone, Laptop, ATM card was stolen by unknown person Her remains was discovered 5 days later which has decomposed so baldly that she has to buried immediately ,they withdrawn over 200k from her account at various ATM locations in Lagos Nigeria 🇳,She was a Lawyer, humble woman ,die hard Buharist love by everybody, she was prepare to join her children in US few days to her murdered... the question remain, WHO KILLED JULIET AJIBODE...what a wicked world my God!!!! Your killer wouldn't know peace until nemesis catch on them very soon.May your soul rest in peace AMAZON SISTER. ADIEU!!!'

By Oluwafunmilayo Olagoke Ajibabi

'Folks, right now, l feel like jetting out of this country, never to come back in a long while. No regard for human lives.

Why? When do we come to this pitiful state? Her murderers will never no peace. God will visit them in His wrath.

They could have stolen from her without murdering her. Her children would say '' if only mom had come to visit us''. Ha! Naija.

Mr Femi Ajibode, take heart. My condolence to you. God will be with you and her family.He will give her children the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

May her soul rest in peace. God will visit the perpetrators of this heinous crime. They are probably assassins who disguised as robbers.

NOTE: It's not good to live alone. It's better to have a relative or maid living with one. Also ensure you check on a neighbor you haven't seen as you used to'.

May evil not befall us.

My view: It's shocking how people have no regard for human life, I hope the monster is caught. The ATM's CCTV will show the footage of her killer. It's sad what people do because of money in Nigeria.

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