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Meghan Markle launches cookbook after secret visits to Grenfell victims

Meghan Markle has released a new cookbook today- Together: Our Community Cookbook - including a three minute video of her cooking in the kitchen with the women.

Meghan says: "Together is a cookbook, but it's also the story of a west London community who gathered together in a kitchen and discovered the healing power of sharing food.

The community kitchen was born following the Grenfell Fire. The book will feature 50 diverse recipes from women who came together after the Grenfell fire in June 2017, in order to feed their families and neighbours.

It was Meghan's idea to write the book, in order to raise money for the community kitchen, Meghan also narrated a video promoting the project.

Scroll down for video

My view: Good to see that Meghan Markle is not advertising her secret visits to the Grenfell victims, but actually promoting the cookbook and herself after a number of private visits but had to advertise it eventually to show the world just how much of a sacred humanitarian she is. It's always about Meghan-me me me me me, as she loves the attention and "endless conversation" surrouding her. I hope she donates £10k of her money to the Grenfell victims. Meanwhile her own father Thomas Markle is suffering begging the media for money as he sells stories of his heartless daughter in exchange for some coins in his pocket. After watching the video and listening to Meghan's voice, I couldn't believe it's the same woman who continue to snub and neglect her own father who has heart problem, it's baffling.

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