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Mel B's ex-nanny claims the Spice Girl ‘cares more about sex than her children’ Mel B's ex-n

Culled from The Sun

Mel B's ex-nanny has claimed the singer "cares more about sex than her own children", The Sun reported.

Rusty Updegraff has hit out at his former employer again two weeks after alleging in court papers that the Spice Girl endangered her children with her wild partying.

Mel B is fighting for custody of her two youngest children

His claims led to her being forced to submit to random drugs test as part of her custody battle with Stephen Belafonte.

But now he claims that the America's Got Talent judge would "flaunt men" in front of her children as she chose to sleep with them instead of looking after her daughters. A representative for Mel has strongly denied the claims and revealed the singer will pursue legal action against the claims.

He told the Daily Mail TV: "There was like three guys in a day and I'm talking five hour sessions with each one because the guy goes, you know, I talked to the guys and they're like, I can't go anymore.

"And then another guy would come in and another guy. There was the waiter from Soho House, the guy she ran into at the car wash, there was the piano teacher, a guy nicknamed Frenchie, another French guy, then there was the artist guy, and you have to remember they were on rotation too.

Rusty cared for Mel's children as their nanny

Rusty Updegraff was a close pal of Mel's before she employed him to look after her kids

"There were men coming over to her house at all hours, who are virtual strangers, and they are around the children. I am worried she doesn't know these guys."

Rusty also claimed that Mel had called her 11-year-old daughter Angel a "stinky b**** for refusing to wear deodorant.

He told the publication: "Angel's a tomboy, she doesn't like to shower, she's at that age, so Mel nicknames her smelly b***h, she's like, 'you want to be a smelly b***h? Everybody will call you smelly b***h' and she'd just keep going.

"I pleaded with her, ''please don't say that to your daughter'. She responded: ''Why? She is a smelly b***h… she stinks.'"

He previously insisted he had only gone public with his claims because of concern for Mel's children.

He has now said he only came forward with his shock claims because he feared Mel, 43, and the kids were in danger, declaring: "I had to act."

Rusty told the Sunday Mirror: "Mel would drink so much at the house and pass out that if there was an emergency I dread to think what would happen.

“I am not doing this for fame, and I didn’t have to do this, but I love those children and want the best for them.”

The Spice Girl is mum to three daughters

He went on to beg Mel to "rethink" her life and reconnect with her kids, Madison, ­seven, Angel, 11, and Phoenix, 19.

Rusty's claims were made in court documents filed in the US which accused the starof endangering her two young daughters with heavy boozing sessions and bringing strange men round for sex.

In the explosive papers, obtained by Sun Online, Rusty alleged he saw the star “use cocaine pretty regularly” and how she would always ask him to obtain the class A drug for her - even when he was looking after her kids Angel, 11, and Madison, seven.

The court papers also claim that Mel’s daughters often end up walking in on their mother while she is having sex with different men.

Rusty and Mel in happier times at a party

The damning declaration was submitted to a judge in Los Angeles as part of Mel B's ongoing custody battle with ex Stephen - in which he stated that the former Spice Girl is not fit to have custody of her children.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte have been involved in a bitter custody dispute of their daughter Madison

The former childcare worker first broke his silence to The Sun on Sunday two weeks ago, prompting Mel to announce that she was to check into a rehab clinic for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder when back in the UK.

The America’s Got Talent star said: “The past six months have been incredibly difficult for me.

“I’ve been working with a writer on my book, Brutally Honest, and it has been unbelievably traumatic reliving an emotionally abusive relationship and confronting so many massive issues in my life.

“I am being very honest about drinking to numb my pain but that is just a way a lot of people mask what is really going on."

Mel's mum Andrea Brown has also since hit back at the claims, insisting Mel is "a good mum" to her girls.

Mel split from Stephen after a decade of marriage and they divorced last year following a bitter court battle, which ended with the Spice Girl handing over a £6.5 million settlement.

My view: If Mel B did these terrible things, how come the so called nanny didn't bother to raise the alarm or report to Social Services, who have a duty to safeguard children and vulnerable adults. The nanny is as guilty as sin and he should be prosecuted for helping to hide damaging things that could harm the children he was supposed to be caring for. He should be ashamed of himself for just protecting his income/salary and not the kids while he was employed as their nanny. He's clearly the guilty one not Mel B.

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