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Photos: Nudes of Migori Governor Okoth Obado Are Here

The promiscuous Migori governor Okoth Obado has been accused of Killing Sharon Otieno in a matter that is yet to be taken up by the Directorate of criminal investigations, Kenyan Digest repoted.

Sharon was raped, brutally murdered and thrown in a forest by the men that kidnapped her. The case has shocked the country.

Checkout alleged nude pictures of a horny Obado that have resurfaced on social media:

Migori governors wife Hellen Okoth(left), Governor Okoth Obado(centre), son Jerry Okoth and daughter Evaline Okoth addressing the press on the murder of Sharon Otieno at a Nairobi hotel on 12/9/2018.

LEFT: Governor Okoth Obado. RIGHT: Slain Rongo University student Sharon Otieno. PHOTOS | FILE

Photo credit: Kenyan Digest

My view: It's sad how the young woman was raped and brutally murdered by the evil men. it's clear that the governor has absolutely nothing to do with her death but the evil men that raped and killed her. The men killed Sharon to cover their crime of rape, because they were afraid if she lived she'd report the rape. The randy governor was ready to take care of her and the unborn baby, but she got herself involved in a dangerous game of alleged blackmail, it's so sad what happened to her, honestly greed leads people to a very dark place. The governor has nothing to gain killing her, as he has been bankrolling her, the calous evil men that raped and killed her should face the death penalty, I don't believe the governor has anything to do with her death, but he should pay Sharon's parents compensation for sleeping with their daughter and impregnating her, as she was their bread winner. Wow the governor's p***s is massive!!

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