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Man kills five people, himself in California shooting rampage

Culled from New York Post

An unidentified gunman shot and killed 5 people and later took his own life in Bakersfield California, once he was cornered by a deputy, a report said.

New York Post reports that, The rampage started when the suspect and his wife entered a trucking business near a gun shop at around 8 p.m. and opened fire on a man inside — killing him, according to The Bakersfield Californian.

The gunman then trained the weapon on his wife, fatally shooting her inside the business as well.

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The husband then shot and killed a third victim, a man who confronted him at the scene, before fleeing and driving to a house nearby.

Once at the home, the suspect gunned down two men inside before hijacking a vehicle.

A woman and child were inside the vehicle at the time but managed to escape without injury.

As the gunman was driving away he was spotted by a deputy and suddenly pulled into a parking lot, where he shot himself in the chest and died.

The identities of the suspect and the victims were not released Wednesday night.

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My view: Give up your guns, they're pointless, there's just no regard for human life, it's terrible. I don't get what makes Americans so attached to their weapons?

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