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Man stole dead neighbour’s bank card and used it to spend £6,000 on Domino’s pizzas

Culled from Metro

A 24-year-old man stole his dead neighbour’s bank card and failed to notify anyone of her death for two years.

Robert Sharkey, who now lives in Grays Hill, Bangor, broke into Marie Conlon’s house in August 2015, after she had died.

He then stole her bank card and used it to pay for his phone bill, groceries and almost £6,000 worth of Domino’s orders over the next two years.

Robert Sharkey pleaded guilty to ten out of eleven charges today at Belfast Crown Court Ms Conlon, 68, was discovered in the bedroom of her Larkspur Rise flat, West Belfast, In October 2017.

She had not been seen alive since January 2015. Sharkey, who was a neighbour of Ms Conlon at the time, was arrested and charged with preventing the lawful burial of a corpse on dates between August 2015 and October 2017.

When the charge was put to him at Belfast Crown Court on Tuesday, September 11, he pleaded guilty.

Sharkey also pleaded guilty of breaking into his neighbour’s house and taking tools, batteries and a coffee mug and stealing both £50 in cash and her First Trust debit card. He also admitted six separate counts of fraud by false representation by using the card without Ms Conlon’s authority.

From October 2015 to 2017 he used to the card to buy £5,988.39 of food from Domino’s Pizza and from July 2016 to October 2017 he spent £3,279.80 on goods from Sainsbury’s.

He also bought mobile phone credit from O2 Ltd at a cost of £1,030 from March 2016 to October 2017.

The card was used to pay Power NI £285, as well as payments to Department of Financial Land and Property Service of £573.83 in September 2016 and £586.20 in September 2017.

The only charge Sharkey denied was breaking into Ms Conlon’s flat between June and October 2015 and stealing a Bank of Ireland debit card.

He will be sentenced on Friday October 12 for the ten charges he admitted.

The court will then adjourn on September 24 after both the prosecution and defence asked for more time to consider the final charge.

‘I am releasing you on continuing bail,’ Judge Geoffrey Miller QC told Sharkey.

‘You should re-appear on the 24th of September, when the court will receive a further update on the outstanding count.’

My view: It's sad that the dead woman did not have any family to check on her, so sad. Even her local council didn't reportedly bother to check if she was in arrears with her rent.

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