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Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods is now being shamed for being ‘too skinny’

Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordin Woods is still all about ‘body positivity’ after being slammed for becoming ‘too skinny’.

The 20-year-old plus-size model says fans were quick to criticize her after she discovered exercise as a form of therapy.

Jordyn told Women’s Health: ‘When I lost my dad, I turned to working out as a form of therapy but because I’m a curvy model, once I started working out a lot, people thought that I was doing it to try to look different

She added: ‘Someone actually called me and said: “Jordyn, you’re getting too skinny!” But “skinny” has never been my goal. My ultimate goal is health.

‘I constantly see people commenting, “Oh, you’re losing weight now? I used to support you, but now I don’t.”’

Jordyn Woods lost her father in 2017, two weeks after he was diagnosed with cancer.

In an interview with in June she said that, she found the concept of body positivity confusing.

‘I started working out a lot because it kind of just became therapy for me. Some people have this idea of because I’m doing that I’m not a body-positive activist.”

Jordyn continued: ‘The whole idea of the plus-size world is weird and controversial because, with me losing weight, I’m still technically considered ‘plus-size.’

She added: ‘I’m genuinely trying to be the best version of myself by being me, so I shouldn’t have to limit what I’m capable of doing just because of a label in an industry.”

My view: The problem with these women is that they all lie to their fans of how exactly they achieved their amazing figure, but Rob Kardashian exposed all of them after he revealed to the world that, he paid $100k for cosmetic surgery for his ex girlfriend's Blac Chyna's post baby body, so we now know how the Kardashians, Jenners and some of their friends perform miracles to get their fabulous figures, they don't need to lie anymore.

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