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Chloe Ayling and married Jermaine Pennant sneak into hotel together at 4.50am after CBB wrap party –

Culled from The Sun

Married Jermaine Pennant headed into a hotel with Chloe Ayling at 4:50am after the Celebrity Big Brother wrap party.

The Sun Online's pictures show the pair in a taxi before walking into a hotel in North London together.

Chloe Ayling and Jermaine Pennant were spotted in a cab after the CBB wrap party

The former footballer, 35, who is married to model Alice Goodwin, was seen laughing with Chloe, 21, in the back of the cab as they pulled up outside the hotel after the boozy wrap party.

The model hid her face under a baseball cap as she smiled playfully at Jermaine.

It looks like Chloe may have forgiven Jermaine for dismissing their relationship as banter

Jermaine is married to glamour girl Alice Goodwin

He won Alice back after being seen flirting with Chloe in CBB, The Sun reported.

They were seated apart during the final itself and they looked like they barely spoke at all during the show.

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There was then a very awkward reunion on Bit On The Side, as Chloe slammed Jermaine for dismissing their flirty relationship as "just banter".

When host Rylan Clark Neal asked if they will be seeing each other again after the show, Chloe said: "No."

The pair got very close during their time in the house, leaving Jermaine's marriage to Alice Goodwin hanging in the balance.

After his eviction, he apologised to his wife and confessed he over-stepped the mark with his flirting.

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Chloe and Jermaine barely spoke at the final as they sat on either side of Ben Jardine

The Sun Online then revealed that Alice had forgiven Jermaine after lengthy crisis talks.

Jermaine managed to win her back by cooking a romantic dinner, but after seeing these pictures it could take more than a home-cooked meal to convince Alice to forgive him once again.

Jermaine is married to glamour girl Alice Goodwin

My view: We're not shocked that Chloe and Jermaine were spotted together, as she played the relationship down after she was evicted from The BB house, in order to avoid being labelled the most hated woman in Britain like Roxanne Pallett.

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