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Chilling footage shows teen girl escaping storage container she’d been held captive in for NINE MONT

Culled from The Sun

This is the chilling moment a teenage girl returned home after escaping from a storage container where she was held captive for nine months.

Abby Hernandez appeared to walk calmly through the front door in images seen for the first time from her parents’ surveillance cameras.

This is the moment Abigail Hernandez walked home after being held captive for nine months

She was taken when she was 14 by twisted Nathaniel Kibby and was forced to wear a dog’s shock collar.

The teen, now 19, escaped when Kibby let her go after "terrorising" her enough and then left her on a dark rural road.

Abby told ABC’s 20/20 about that horrific night five years ago.

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She said: “There were no cars coming either way and he said 'get out'. So I got out and then he yelled ‘wait, give me my hat back! Give me my hat back!’

Abigail walked home the night she was let go

“So I took it off, threw it in the car, slammed the door and he drove off. Just like that. That was it.”

Once the teen realised her nightmare was over she walked home.

Abby recalls when she saw her mum for the first time and said it was a “beautiful moment”.

She said: “That was such a beautiful moment. I remember just the look on her face.

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“She looked different she really did. I could see months of stress in her face and it kinda killed me a little bit but I was so relieved to see her.”

The distraught teen shared grisly details about her ordeal in Conway, New Hampshire.

She told ABC News: “He said ‘you know, I’m thinking of finding something a little more humane for you to keep you quiet.

“He said 'I’m thinking of a shock collar. You know, that like dogs wear'”.

Twisted Nathaniel Kibby made Abigail wear a shock dog collar

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The shipping container where Abby was held prisoner and repeatedly raped

“I remember he put it on me. And he told me, ‘Okay, try and scream'".

Abby added: “I just slowly started to raise my voice. And then, it shocked me. So, he’s like, ‘Okay, now you know what it feels like,’”.

She was 14 and walking home from Kenneth High School in October 2013 when Kibby, now 39, asked if she wanted a ride home.

Her feet were blistered so she said yes.

Kibby was sentenced to a minimum of 45 years after pleading guilty to sexual assault, criminal threatening and kidnapping

For nine months, the zombie-apocalypse obsessed madman held the teen captive on his rural property and repeatedly raped her.

In the interview, she also describes how Kibby psychologically tortured her.

He told her that if anyone came to rescue her and busted the door open, the container would catch on fire and she would die, she said in the ABC interview.

She also remembered there was a camera, which blinked constantly, attached to a wall.

In July 2014, Kibby suddenly decided to let the teen go.

Kibby never told her his name – ordering her to call him “Master” instead.

Abby faced her abductor in court in July 2014.

He was sentenced to a minimum of 45 years behind bars after pleading guilty to sexual assault, criminal threatening, kidnapping and other charges in May 2016.

A version of this story originally appeared on the NYPost.

My view: Twisted devil.

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