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9/11 anniversary – See Candid pictures of President George W Bush reacting to the full horror of Twi

Tuesday, September 11 marks the 17th anniversary of the landmark terror attack on the United States. In remembrance of the day, The National In September 11 Memorial and Museum will observe the day with a ceremony at ground zero to remember the 2,983 people killed in the attacks at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and aboard Flight 93 which went down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Startling pictures showed how shell-shocked President George W Bush reacted to the horror of 9/11 in the moments and days after the worst terrorist attack on US soil, The Sun reported.

In a collection of harrowing pictures released on the 17th anniversary of the atrocity, the-then President can be seen making a panicked phone call at the exact moment the second plane hits the Twin Towers.

President George W Bush is briefed on events in an empty classroom in Florida

Exactly 17 years ago today the United States of America was rocked by the devastating terrorist attacks masterminded by Osama Bin Laden that killed 2,996 people and left a further 6,000 injured.

Hijackers took over the American Airlines Flight 11 and crashed the plane into the North Tower of the World Trade Centre at 8.46am.

Just over 15 minutes later a second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, was crashed by hijackers into the WTC’s South Tower.

A third plane was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon less than an hour later.

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Scroll down for video

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My view: God bless the peope who died on 9/11.

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