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Boris Johnson's long-suffering wife will serve Divorce papers Today branding him an adulterer

Culled from The Sun

Boris Johnson’s long-suffering wife is set to serve divorce papers citing his “adultery” as early as Monday.

A source said Marina Wheeler wants to move quickly as she has “had enough”.

Marina Wheeler has reportedly 'had enough' as she is getting ready to file divorce papers

A source said: “The papers are coming imminently. They were due within the next fortnight but Marina’s just had enough.”

The move will bring the curtain down on a 25-year marriage rocked by claims of Boris’s repeated infidelity.

Further details of the extent of her closeness friendship with him have emerged.

Sources last night claimed the pair had a number of secret dates in a swanky London hotel well known to Tory grandees. Boris, 54, is said to have wined and dined Carrie,30, at the Rosewood Hotel in Holborn.

The Tory aide that Boris Johnson is said to have grown close to, Carrie Symonds, has gone into hiding

Boris Johnson's 25-year marriage has collapsed over claims of cheating

Boris and Carrie have been seen developing a very close friendship

The former Foreign Secretary has reportedly taken the aide on secret dates

The pair are said to have chosen the luxurious hotel for its discreet meeting rooms.

A source said: “Special guests are brought upstairs to their suites without having to go into the public dining and bar areas.

“It’s quite a discreet hotel as not many celebrities stay here as it’s new - but I think as it gets more well known more will come.”

It was also claimed yesterday that Carrie was pushed out as the Conservatives Director of Communications this summer because of her closeness to Boris and other Brexiteers such as Michael Gove.

Sources claim Carrie and Boris wined and dined at the Rosewood Hotel in Holborn

pair are said to have stayed at the luxurious hotel because of its discreet meeting rooms

She is also believed to have shown stunned friends texts from Boris which they interpreted as a “booty call”.

The Sun on Sunday reported how Boris wined and dined Carrie on Valentine’s Day at a plush London restaurant.

One Westminster source said: “There close friendship has been an open secret for some time. I couldn’t believe it when I heard but she fitted the bill. She looks the same as other women he’s gone for and she was susceptible to his charms.”

Marina, 54, looked glum in North London, where she has moved into a new rented family home.

Friends last night insisted that she and Boris decided to go their separate ways as long ago as May.

His pals said they were surprised the separation had been secret for so long after he moved out of his grace and favour home in Carlton House Terrace central London, when he lost his job as Foreign Secretary.

One said: “None of you spotted the two removal vans turning in different directions.” Boris has been largely based at their country retreat in Thame, Oxfordshire.

The Sun has told how Boris’ fashion journalist daughter Lara had been overheard at a party saying her father was a “selfish bastard” and her mother “will never take him back”. His marriage to Marina has been hit several time by his flings with other women.

Boris Johnson looks glum amid his marriage separation troubles.

Boris Johnson with his daughter Lara at the theatre Friday night

She has thrown him out twice before — first in 2004 over his affair with writer Petronella Wyatt.

The second time came six years later when he was suspected of having a lovechild with art consultant Helen Macintyre.

Boris is believed to have taken Lara to the theatre on Friday night.

He was spotted watching the England v India cricket Test Match at the Oval on Saturday with his son Milo. Close aides said they had no idea about Boris’s friendship with Carrie.

Carrie and BoJo's close friendship has reportedly been an open secret for some time

The Tory aide looks like the type of women Boris Johnson would go for, according to sources

One told The Sun: “We never talk about personal stuff.”

But one said Boris had been warned to be more careful as Foreign Secretary given the high profile role of his Cabinet position.

A source claimed Boris knew he would struggle to conceal any new dalliance.

They also suggested that police protection officers were incensed at some points because Boris had managed to shake them off for hours at a time so he could meet up with women.

One told The Sunday Times: “I think he definitely craves attention.

The former Foreign Secretary was seen clutching his head and sipping from a mug in the garden of his Oxfordshire home. Boris looked to be feeling the pressure at home in Oxfordshire on Sunday.

“Marina was very busy and the kids were very busy.

“Anyone who lives with him lives in his shade, but if the shade extends to him, he can’t cope with that. He needs the sun on him.

“He can’t cope with the grey and the shade of other people’s lives. He seeks his own thrills.”

Carrie Symonds, the 30-year-old Tory aide he is said to have grown close to, was in hiding.

A grim-faced Marina was also seen for the first time since The Sun exclusively broke the news on Friday that she was giving him the boot.

Boris Johnson with his daughter Lara at the theatre Friday night

Boris is set to be branded an 'adulterer' in divorce papers

Carrie with Michael Gove at the Conservative Black and White Ball this summer

Carrie and BoJo's close friendship has reportedly been an open secret for some time

Sources claim Carrie and Boris wined and dined at the Rosewood Hotel in Holborn

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My view: Boris Johnson that cannot keep it in his trousers and save his second marriage, wants to be Prime Minister, it'll be another endless Downing Street scandal just like Trump's White House and the various women coming forward that Trump has allegedly slept with. A man pretending to fight for #brexit and he couldn't even fight to save his marriage. We thought Boris was a clown with a super smart brain but he's just a clown. When Boris resigned from Theresa May's cabinet, I called him selfish, because he wants to be Prime Minister come rain or shine, his daughter reportedly called him selfish b*****d after he split from his wife. Boris is an attention seeker, just like Kim Kardashian West and Donald Trump, they like to be on the cover of magazines and see their names in news headlines, as any publicity is better than none. And why are the #Me Too movement not condemning the woman who allegedly destroyed Boris Johnson's wife's marriage?, as they're quick to slam men for using women as sex objects.

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