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Amir Khan scores unanimous points win over Samuel Vargas in Birmingham


Amir Khan survived a second-round knockdown to maintain momentum in his comeback to the sport with a unanimous points win over Samuel Vargas, BBC reported.

The Briton, 31, floored his rival with a straight right in the second round but took an overhand right to go down and stun those at Arena Birmingham.

The bell arrived to save Khan, who scored another knockdown in the third before the pace gradually slowed.

He maintained control late on for a 119-108 119-109 118-110 victory.

Khan quickly got back to his feet after being put down in round two

After his 39-second demolition of Phil Lo Greco in April, this proved a far stiffer test for Khan, who showed his trademark hand speed early on. But, as has been the case in the past, the vulnerability of his chin remains a question mark.

Only seconds of the second round remained when he quickly stood back up after the knockdown, and in the 10th round he was again tagged heavily with a right hand moments before the bell.

This is his second bout since his 23-month break from the sport, and it was watched closely at ringside by Kell Brook, who remains keen on facing Khan and says he will drop down to the 147lbs welterweight division to secure a bout.

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

"The only fight that works for me over Kell Brook is Manny Pacquiao," Khan said after the fight. "I want him. He is my number one pick. If not, we go back to the drawing board and if it's Kell Brook it's Kell Brook."

Eddie Hearn - who promotes both Brook and Khan - said the domestic bout between his fighters "has to happen next or it never will".

Brook responded: "He hasn't got the greatest chin. I wouldn't have let him off the hook and he would have stayed on the floor."

My view:Amir Khan is a good boxer, but has a weak chin and way past his best, he could have lost as he was floored again and a Better fighter would have finished him. He looked brilliant at times and at times he looked just average. I think Amir should fight Floyd Mayweather just for the money and the massive publicity the fight would attract, as Amir and Floyd are both professional boxers unlike conor mcgregor, who is a cage fighter.

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