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Shrinking Kim Kardashian West shows off STRANGE Ribcage

Reality star Kim Kardashian appeared to send a message to those criticising her strange new look on Saturday when she took to Instagram to point both middle fingers upward.

The mother of three made the controversial gesture while flaunting her strange ribcage in a neon green string bikini.

See pictures below:

My view: Can someone please tell Kim that it's not so cool to do the thug/gang sign, as she's slowly morphing into Trump the laughing stock. And it seems Kim's critics have got the best of her as she's reacting like eratic Trump. Kim's ribcage looked botched and makes her look deformed. I hope she knows that she has three young cute kids that wants her around not to continue engaging in dangerous alleged ribs-bone removal. Kim should have contacted Chloe Khan before allowing the surgeon that did that terrible job on her, Chloe's rib-removal looks way better but her boobs are botched, still dangerous. A Brit mother of two died recently during Brazilian butt operation. Stop the nonsense before it's too late and why is your husband not advising you to stop undergoing more alleged plastic surgery, from his own personal experience after losing his mother, sad. Finally I'd advise you to ask for a full refund from the surgeon that destroyed your body. This is no hate or jealousy, no hype but FACTS.

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