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Shocking moment police race relations advisor is tasered by an officer

Culled from The Sun

This is the shocking moment a police officer fired a Taser in the face of the race relations adviser from her own force.

PC Claire Boddie, 47, approached Judah Adunbi, 63, with another officer as he walked his dog after mistaking him for a suspect wanted by cops.

This is the moment PC Claire Boddie Tasered her force's race relations adviser

Bodycam footage shows Boddie and her colleague trying to quiz Mr Adunbi as he yells: "You are tormenting me because you're racist".

After a scuffle breaks out, Boddie fires the Taser at the Avon and Somerset adviser causing him to drop to the ground.

The Avon and Somerset officer was today cleared of three counts of misconduct at a hearing in Portishead today.

The panel heard Mr Adunbi had told Boddie's colleague: “If you put your hand on me I will put you to

Claire Boddie was cleared of misconduct after firing a Taser at Judah Adunbi

Chairman Peter Cadman ruled it was "reasonable" of Boddie to Taser Mr Adunbi after mistaking him for suspect Royston McCalla.

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He also said the panel observed the cops were "calm and professional", while Mr Adunbi was "aggressive and threatening".

Boddie was cleared of assault in May by magistrates following a trial in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

The court heard how she pulled the trigger in January last year outside Mr Adunbi's home in Easton, Bristol while with PC Darren Weston.

Claire Boddie argued that she felt threatened by Mr Adunbi and acted in self-defence

She said: "He was in a fighting stance, I’m trained to recognise that. I saw the male punch PC Weston.”

Boddie, who has been a police officer for 23 years, explained she did not know if he had a weapon and thought it was reasonable to use the Taser.

One of the barbs struck Mr Adunbi in the face and had to be removed at hospital.

The officer - now an acting sergeant - said she fired at his chest, adding: "It was regrettable a barb hit him in the face. You aim for the belt."

She had been accused of firing the Taser as Mr Adunbi was walking away, not giving a warning she was going to fire, and shooting it in a way which caused a probe to hit him in the chin.

Mr Cadman said: "We have taken into account the evidence of PC Boddie and find that prior to that moment, she believed a number of things.

"That Mr Adunbi was Mr McCalla, that Mr McCalla had warnings for violence, that PC Weston had attempted to handcuff the man believed to be Mr McCalla, and that the man believed to be Mr McCalla had punched PC Weston."

Claire Boddie was cleared of misconduct after firing a Taser at Judah Adunbi

Mr Adundi works for Avon and Somerset Police as a race relations adviser

My view: The man was being argumentitive and unco-operative, if you want to be belligerent and wild while the cops are just asking simple questions, you get injured struggling with police and the police officer shouldn't have tasered him. I don't get how the man is a police race relation adviser and he couldn't answer a simple question, he was just being aggressive, no one is above the law, even Dictator Trump.

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