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White House aides on hunt for anonymous official who wrote op-ed piece

Culled from New York Post

Top White House aides canceled meetings on Wednesday as they launched a major hunt for the official behind the New York Times op-ed piecedetailing “resistance” to President Trump, according to published reports, New York Post reported.

As soon as the bombshell article was published, West Wing officials huddled behind closed doors to work up a list of roughly a dozen theories — and names — of the potential Trump traitor, The Washington Post reported.

One Trump aide suggested the staffer could be a glory-seeker who wants to be caught and named, the paper said.

Speculation ran rampant from even the smallest of clues.

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One was when a New York Times tweet of the piece called the Trump insider “he.” Vice President Mike Pence also drew some attention because the author used the word “lodestar” — a rarely used term that Pence has used in speeches.

Lynne Patton, a HUD official and former Trump party planner, wrote on Instagram that the leak will easily be found.

“It’s hardly breaking news to anyone with half a brain that ‘Never Trumpers’ have been employed within our walls from the outset,” she wrote. “And yes, we know who they ALL are, including this author.”

My view: Trump is wasting his time if he thinks he's going to get the anonymous staff who gave Bob Woodward the bombshell comments of senior White House officials, he's just chasing a ghost, because no one likes Trump in the White House, with the exception of Ivanka, his daughter is the only person that he should trust. They're all denying the allegation because nobody wants to lose their lucrative job and they'll only resign when they can no longer sit there and pretend that all is well. Trump is truly behaving like a child, for believing his senior officials, who are denying the comments written in Woodward's book, they just don't like Trump, can't stand him but they don't have the courage to resign or maybe they're all trying to protect America from unhinged Donald Trump. I think Trump should reshuffle his cabinet and put new faces, you can't just pretend that the book is fiction, sack all the people involved after the election, especially Kellyanne Conway, she's too big for her boots as she's behaving as if she's indespensable because she helped Trump win the election, she should be the first official to be fired, her husband doesn't even like Trump. Conway's husband spends a sizable chunk of his free time tweeting shade at Trump. Sorry Trump, your staff don't like you, but they'll all deny it until they're kicked out like Omarosa.

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