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Piers Morgan blasts Cosmopolitan for 'celebrating morbid obesity' as plus size model Tess Ho

Culled from Birmingham Mail

Piers Morgan has accused Cosmopolitan magazine's editor of "celebrating morbid obesity".

The controversial Good Morning Britain host has slammed the magazine after it featured plus-size model Tess Holliday on its front cover.

Editor Farrah Stoor defended the cover for promoting a positive body image.

But Piers, back in his regular slot as GMB host after Brummie comic Adil Ray stepped in to rave reviews last week, branded her actions "dangerous."

53-year-old Piers had initially blasted Cosmo over Twitter last week.

Tess Holliday hit back and branded the former newspaper editor "small minded".

Morgan said: "My view, as with the size zero issue, is that it is dangerous.

"We should not be aspiring to be an unhealthy weight, be it far too skinny or far too fat, and the same goes for both women and men.

"For Cosmo to put this on their cover as something to aspire to is dangerous, wrong, and frankly misguided."

Stoor defended the issue, which has been widely praised by readers and its intended audience.

She hinted at hypocrisy on Morgan's part, owing to the fact he shared a picture of a pasty on social media last week.

Morgan retorted: "But I'm not 300 pounds."

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"That’s such black and white thinking Piers," Stoor fumed.

"I don’t ask my cover stars to do a blood analysis.

"What else is dangerous is we have a crisis about mental health and body image.

"It is one cover in a world that has venerated thinness.

"I’ve see her run around with her children, she works 14 to 15 hours a day."

But Morgan concluded: "You are celebrating morbid obesity."

"Am I saying that this is OK to look like?" Stoor replied.

"Yes I am.

"The reason she is on my cover is to show that there is a different way to look.

"We live in a culture that venerates being thin.

"Someone will see and think "I’m going to feel good about looking like this".'

Good Morning Britain co-host Susannah Reid later sided with the magazine, adding: "It’s not just about physical health, it’s about mental health.

"If Tess Holliday feels comfortable with herself, that’s an important thing to promote."

My view: Good for Tess Holliday for embracing her body, but I also think the magazine is sending a wrong message to children that it's fun to be obesse, Piers Morgan is stating the fact he's not a bully, we shouldn't be celebrating super skinny or morbidly obese people, they both come with life threatening illnesses. Magazines should stop promoting obesity it's bad, it's unhealthy, obesity should not be glamorized.

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