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50 Cent Takes Shots At Kanye West, Endorses Colin Kaepernick Nike Deal

After Colin Kaepernick's Nike deal was announced, many have spoken out in support of the partnership. While others were quick to disavow all things Nike, with some even burning their Nike shoes to make a statement.

Celebrities including Lebron James and others also joined in to show their support for the AD campaign.

But rapper 50 Cent took his support to another level after sharing Kaepernick's Nike's campaign picture, 50 decided to take a shot at Kanye West, by posting an image of West and captioned "slavery was a choice" over his face.

Super troll 50 Cent also shared a picture of Flyod Mayweather with some alphabets written over it

See pictures below:

My view: It seems 50 is still mad Kanye outsold him

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